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  日期:2017-05-11 13:24:44
  People often make mistakes in their automaticout of office messages. This can make a bad impression, especially if there are basic spelling or gramma mistakes, as such messages tend to be written at the last moment when youre in a hurry to leave the
  日期:2016-06-29 09:51:21
  ① Read in English 看英文书 When you want to master a language, you can never read enough. The easiest way to get started with reading in English rather than your own language is to pick up a non-fiction book on a familiar, interesting topic. Non-fi
  日期:2016-05-08 08:01:46
  One day last fall, my colleague Miguel Morales received an email with a sign-off that was so strange, it has stuck in his mind for the last year. It came from Melissa Geisler, who works in digital sports programming and production at Yahoo. Below Ge
常见中国成语英译 提升英语写作水平
  日期:2016-05-01 08:28:08
  1.爱屋及乌 Love me, love my dog. 2.百闻不如一见 (眼见为实)Seeing is believing. 3.比上不足比下有余 worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst. 4.笨鸟先飞 A slow sparrow should make an early st
  日期:2015-09-19 08:37:17
  1. Read in English 看英文书 When you want to master a language, you can never read enough. The easiest way to get started with reading in English rather than your own language is to pick up a non-fiction book on a familiar, interesting topic. Non-fi
  日期:2014-09-13 15:25:37
  一、代入法 这是进行 英语 写作时最常用的方法。 同学 们在掌握一定的词汇和短语之后,结合一定的语法知识,按照句子的结构特点,直接用英语代人相应的句式即可。如: ◎他从不承认自己的失败。 He never admits his failure. ◎那项比赛吸引了大批观众。 The match at
  日期:2014-03-13 08:51:54
  1.individuals,characters, folks替换(people ,persons) 2.positive, favorable, rosy (美好的),promising(有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior替换good 3.dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换bad如果ba
  日期:2012-11-12 17:54:10
  英语作文在当前的英语学习中已越来越重要,这也是学习英语的一个终极目标之一,因此英语作文也成为各类大型考试的必考项目,而这也难住了不少的考生。现摘录几点提高英语写作的技巧,以供广大考生借鉴。 一、提炼字词句 一篇作文是由单词和句子组成的。这是写作最基本
  日期:2012-05-04 22:31:42
  写作的初级阶段是模仿。但是要注意,模仿一定要模仿正确的句子,否则错误会伴随你的整个学习生涯。我们搜罗了一些写英语作文时的万能句子,非常万能哦! 1. 关于人们有不同的观点。一些人认为 There are different opinions among people as to ____ .Some people sugg
  日期:2011-07-02 09:00:15
  书写英语信件要注意下面几点: (一) 英语书信结构、书写款式及要求: 1.书信结构 英语书信结构一般有以下几个部分组成: 1)信封(envelope)。英语的信封和中文的一样,有三部分组成,即发信人地址、收信人地址和邮票。只不过英语信封的格式除了邮票所贴的位置 (
  日期:2010-10-19 22:06:08
  一、用于驳性和比较性论文 1. In general, I dont agree with 2. In my opinion, this point of view doesnt hold water。 3. The chief reason why is that 4.There is no true that 5. It is not true that 6. It can be easily denied than 7. We have no reason to
  日期:2010-08-13 01:18:06
  How to Write an Executive Summary An executive summary previews the main points of an in-depth report; it is written for nontechnical people who don't have time to read the main report. The executive report contains enough information for a reader t
英语四六级写作 三招从容应对词汇匮乏
  日期:2010-06-04 07:37:04
  日期:2009-08-31 07:38:27
  一、 英语 ( 论坛 )重结构,汉语重语义 我国着名语言学家王力先生曾经说过:就句子的结构而论,西洋语言是法治的,中国语言是人治的。(《中国语法理论》,《王力文集》第一卷,第35页,山东教育出版社,1984年) 我们看一看下面的例子: Children will play with dolls
  日期:2009-07-28 09:50:57
  写作中使用率最高覆盖面最广的基本句式写作中使用率最高覆盖面最广的基本句式以下是短文写作中使用率最高、覆盖面最广的基本句式,每组句式的功能相同或相似,考生可根据自己的情况选择其中的1-2个,做到能够熟练正确地仿写或套用。 1.表示原因 1)There are three r
  日期:2009-01-24 08:12:08
  日期:2008-11-21 08:01:06
  1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy 2.人民生活水平的显著提高/ 稳步增长 the remarkable improvement/ steady growth of peoples living standard 3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opp
合同意向书范本(中英文)LETTER OF INTENT
  日期:2008-08-19 02:03:54
  LETTER OF INTENT FOR POSSIBLE CONTRACT FOR SALE OF ASSETS Possible Seller: _____________________________ Possible Buyer: _____________________________ Business: _____________________________ Date: ______________, 20_____ This is a non-binding letter
  日期:2008-07-30 01:43:31
  NOTARIAL CERTIFICATE ( )字第 号( ) Zi, No. 兹证明 (招标单位全称)于 年 月 日在 地对 (招标项目名称)举行了公开招标, (投标单位全称)参加了投标, (中标单位全称)中标(或全部投标单位均为中标)。 THIS IS TO CERTIFY that invited competitive tende
如何写问询信函-样本 Requesting Information
  日期:2008-05-29 11:52:45
  Requesting Information Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd 54 Oxford Road, Skagnes SK3 4RG Tel: 0223 123 4567 Fax: 0223 765 4321 Email: info@dreamtimemovies.com.uk Date Lingua Services Galactic Ltd 69 Milk Street LONDON SW7 6AW Dear Sirs Translation Broc
  日期:2008-05-26 10:30:44
  TO WRITE LETTERS NONLAWYERS WILL READ Note: This article is for background purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Why do people hate to get letters from lawyers? They carry bad news. They mean serious business. They're hard to understa
  日期:2008-05-26 10:24:30
  如何撰写发给非专业人士的律师函 人们为什么讨厌收到律师的来信呢?因为它们不是带来坏消息,就意味着生意上出现了严重的问题。而且,这些信让人理解起来有些难度,因为其中有一些生僻的专业术语,还有,在收到律师的来信之后,往往随之而来的是诉讼的威胁。 那为什么
  日期:2008-05-08 09:22:19
  CONTRACT AGREEMENT made this _______ day of ____________, 20_____, between ______________________, hereinafter called _______________, and ______________________, hereinafter called _____________. WHEREAS, ________________; WHEREAS, ________________
  日期:2008-02-22 09:39:56
  劳 动 契 约 (劳动契约中英文译本范例-制造业外劳) LABOR CONTRACT 聘雇许可函字号: 契约日期: CLA file NO of the Employment Permit: DATE: 立合约书人: (以下简称甲方) 地址: 电话: 传真: 与 护照号码: (以下简称乙方) The Agreement is made on Bet
[求职英语] 英语求职信结尾常用的十句必杀技
  日期:2007-10-25 09:39:11
教你如何写英文招标书How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  日期:2007-09-23 20:17:13
  How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) 教你如何写英文招标书 Because many organizations may not have the specialized talents and capabilities to create interactive training, it may become necessary to request the assistance of an outside vendor or
  日期:2007-08-25 14:58:34
  个人陈述,(PERSONAL STATEMENT,以下简称PS)是申请美国,加拿大,英国等西方国家的大学/研究生录取时由申请人写的关于自我的一篇漫谈体文章。当然有的学校要求的文章题目不一定叫PERSONAL STATEMENT,如有的学校让你写出动机(Motivation)兴趣,经历等。由于在中国的升
[电话书信] 面试后给老板的感谢信
  日期:2007-08-10 17:47:58
  英语感谢信范文 1 Thank You For Interview I Dear (Bosss Name), I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you yesterday about the position of (job title) with (Company Name). I really enjoyed meeting with members of the office and learning about the
[电话书信] 英语感谢信范文
  日期:2007-08-10 07:45:51
  范文 Date and Place Mr.____ Minister of _____ (Address) Beijing,China Dear Minister, I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our recent visit to your beautiful country. I would also like
  日期:2008-03-24 09:42:30
  权益转让书(范本) RECEIPT LETTER OF SUBROGATION Received from _______branch the sum of _________ in full settlement of our claim for loss/damage sustained by the subject insured under the above Policy/Certificate. In consideration of your payment t
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